Daily Announcements for Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Remember that Term 1 ends on this Friday, September 21. [Mr. Cutler]

Dr. Li is holding an English extra help session in Mr. Cutler's office tonight at 7:00pm. Open to all students. [Mr. Cutler]

Homecoming is this Friday! See everyone at Cambridge Hall at 7:30pm! [Ms. Remley]

To celebrate Homecoming, please dress up in the following for Spirit Week:

Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Decades Day (before 1990)
Wednesday: Nerd Day (shorts must be as long as the uniform skirts)
Thursday: Sports Day (no sweatpants allowed)
Friday: House Color Day [Ms. Remley]

This week Alcatraz (Yellow) House has lunch duty. The faculty supervisors are Ms. Palmer and Mr. Matt Smith. The students are Angelina, Kelly, Annie, Jayden, Jack, Tony, Hok, Keris, Christine, and Mike. Please help clean the dining room every day this week. [Mr. Arthur]

New York City students: Money is due this Friday. Check or Credit Card preferred. If you pay cash or credit card, please do so with Mr. Cutler. Please bring a copy of your passport to Ms. Remley so we have the necessary information to buy plane tickets. If you have any questions or concerns about the payment deadline, please let Ms. Remley or Mr. Smith know ASAP. [Ms. Remley]