College Counseling

At Cambridge Prep, we have an excellent college counselor, Mrs. Monica Tan, who works with students and parents to give information and advice concerning college selection and provide guidance in the college application process. All aspects of the process are covered from college entrance requirements to SAT/ACT testing to college costs and financial aid to helping find the best fit schools for a particular student. Here is a list of schools to which our recent graduates have been accepted.

Mrs. Tan meets throughout the year with each senior to determine college interests, help the student set reasonable goals, and provide a roadmap for the college application process. Ongoing meetings throughout the school year helps the student stay on schedule.

Group meetings with underclassmen and parents help to explain the college process and start students on their college journey.

Mrs. Tan keeps current in the field by attending various workshops put on by the University of California, California State University, the College Board, and the ACT.