Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to prepare students to be successful global citizens in college and beyond by fostering creativity, curiosity, collaboration, leadership, responsibility, and integrity in a balanced and comprehensive educational environment encompassing the academic, cultural, physical, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Academically, our curriculum and recommended course of study exceed the minimum requirements of most major colleges and universities. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum to prepare students for today’s digital world.

Culturally, students are regularly exposed to the fine arts, such as drawing, music, and theatre, both as a part of the academic curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.

Spiritually, we do not require students to be members of any particular religion or church. Instead we provide students with opportunities to think about and seek answers to questions of faith and help them to develop their character in accordance with Christian principles, so that they can make good moral and ethical choices throughout their lives. We emphasize volunteer service to help instill a realization that we need to be active members of the communities in which we live.

Physically, students learn about fitness, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and personal responsibility through competitive interscholastic athletics.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Teacher expectations impact student learning. Our instructional program not only sets high standards, but also recognizes student diversity in learning styles and rate of achievement. We help students reach their highest potentials by making explicit intended outcomes of the course work, delineating the building blocks to reach those outcomes, consistently assessing student progress towards the outcomes, and providing personalized assistance as needed.

The Cambridge Prep Seal

Cambridge Prep is committed to providing students with a world-class international education, governed by our five guiding principles, each of which is manifested on our seal.
These principles emphasize Cambridge Prep’s belief that in order to become a well-rounded individual, a student needs to focus on her academic, physical, and spiritual self while developing her ongoing role in an international world.

The globe in the crest’s upper left quadrant is emblematic of Cambridge Prep’s commitment to providing an international education to students from San Francisco and beyond. The lines traversing the globe are simultaneously representative of our many connections and the diverse and varying paths our students will travel after they complete their journeys with us. To the right of the globe lies the open book, representing our school’s deep commitment to academics and education. The book sits atop the infinity figure, symbolizing the ongoing nature of education and our role as a link in the chain of learning. Finally, the crest includes a winged shoe, underlining the school’s belief that a student’s well-being requires health of both mind and body, manifested in our stellar athletics program. The four quadrants are united beneath a cross, because at Cambridge Prep, we recognize the importance that a healthy and fulfilling spiritual life plays in a student’s growth and development.